Receiving SMS

Receive replies and messages without sharing a real mobile number.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

A dedicated virtual number lets you send and receive messages from your online number. You can publish and advertise this number, and any messages or replies sent to it will be forwarded to you by Email, Web, Webhook or API.

Enhanced Virtual Mobile Numbers also allow you to receive voice calls, which can read a pre-recorded message, be configured as an IVR and/or forwarded to another number(s) contact us to discuss what is possible with an Enhanced VMN.

Reply to Web and Email

Mask your real mobile number with Reply to Web and Email. Messages will be sent from our shared number pool and will appear with a special Sender ID. You'll receive replies to these message in your Inbox and by Email.

If you need to receive replies more than 24 hours after sending you message, we recommend using a Virtual Mobile Number.

Auto Opt-Out

Use Auto Opt-Out to comply with the Australian SPAM Act without a headache. When your recipients reply STOP to your messages, we will automatically remove them from any future messages from your account. You can also automatically embed an Opt-Out link into your messages. We'll manage your opt-outs for you.

Auto Responder

Respond automatically to inbound messages. You can setup rules to send certain replies to matching messages (or any message text) that is sent to your Virtual Mobile Number. Your recipients will receive your automated responses in seconds!

Dynamic Sender ID

ustomise your Sender ID so you can let your recipients know who you are, using a text business name, use your own mobile number or a virtual mobile number. You can also use Reply to Web & Email to mask your real mobile number.