Send SMS Messages to Australian Mobiles from 4c per message

  • Reach and Engage

    95 - 98% of text messages are read within minutes of receipt. SMS is a powerful, cost-effective and un-intrusive tool for contacting your customers and contacts.

  • SMS Web Console

    Our Web and Mobile console allows you to get in contact with any number of Australian mobile numbers quickly and easily.

  • Delivery Reporting

    Track mobile delivery of every message sent from 5c SMS.

  • Messaging API

    Integrate 5c SMS into your software or application to send and receive messages in your application.

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Products & Features

Send Single or Bulk Messages

5c SMS Web Console and API allows you send one or one million messages at once. You can send directly to a list of numbers or upload a contact list.

Dynamic Sender ID

You can set your Sender ID to your own mobile number, your business name or use Reply to Web & Email to mask your mobile number.

Message Templates

Sending out similar messages? 5c SMS Console can be used to save your message text as a template. You can then create new messages from these templates.

API & Webhooks

The 5c SMS API allows programmers and developers to connect directly to our gateway to send or receive SMS messages. Our Webhooks will contact your application when an SMS or Reply is received, your balance is low, or when a message is delivered.

Delivery Reporting

Track the current delivery status of all your messages. Our system will let you know if a message has been received, failed or been delayed. You can track your messages in the Message History screen, or download the current status as a CSV.


Multi-Part Messages

A single SMS is 160 characters, but you can create a multi-part message of to 760 characters. Our system will automatically split up your message then put it back together on the recipients mobile. Check above your message text to see how many messages your message is made up of and how many characters you have remaining.

Balance Alerts & Auto Recharge

You can configure 5c SMS to email you when your balance is running low. You can also configure an Auto-Recharge to make sure you never run out of messages.

Contact Manager

Our built in contact manager lets you manage simple lists of contacts and send a message out to all your contacts or one group of contacts with a single click.

Reply to Web & Email

Mask your Mobile Number and still receive replies to the 5c SMS Console or by email when you specify 'Reply to Web'

Message Personalisation

Personalise each bulk message to your Contact list by including the recipients name in their message.


Direct Routing

Unlike other SMS Providers, we do not route SMS traffic via overseas or mixed route providers. All 5c SMS messages are sent through direct connections to Australian mobile carriers.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Purchase a dedicated Virtual Mobile Number for just $19/month. Send and recieve messages from your Virtual Number through the web, email or API.

Sub Accounts

Create Sub Accounts to manage a single message balance with multiple website logins.

Personal Support

Our support plans include Telephone, Email and Web Support. You can also upgrade to guarenteed response times and 24/7 Support.

Auto Opt-Out

When your recipients reply STOP they will be automatically removed from any future messages. Our system manages your opt-outs for you.

Email to SMS

Email to SMS allows you to send SMS messages from any email client. When our system receives the message it is converted and sent as an SMS Message.

Auto Response

Automatically reply to incoming messages to your Virtual Mobile, or replies to your messages.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Add a layer of security to your account with two factor authentication. We'll confirm every login with a Push Notification to your registered mobile device.

Unicode & EMOJI Support

Send messages in fully rich text including emoji 🤠 or any other unicode supported language character Привет мама!

Credits & Pricing

Price guarantee

Our long term partnerships with Australia's network providers have enabled us to send messages at the lowest rates of any Australian provider since 2007.

If find a lower rate for any set quantity, with an Australian provider using Australian routes, contact us for a custom quote.

How to Purchase Message Credits

We are a prepaid service, so you'll need to purchase the number of messages required before you send out your message. You can purchase messages credits at any time, once you have created and logged into your account.

You can create an account from the "Create an Account" link at the top of the page. Once you have logged in select the "Purchase Messages" button, select your preferred payment option and follow the prompts.

Up to 50,000 Messages

5 c
Per message
  • No Setup Costs
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Credits Never Expire
  • No Hidden Costs or Fees

50,000 or more

4.5 c
Per message
  • No Setup Costs
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Credits Never Expire
  • No Hidden Costs or Fees
  • Conditions May Apply

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4 c
Per message
  • No Setup Costs
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Credits Never Expire
  • No Hidden Costs or Fees
  • Conditions May Apply

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If you would like to discuss how this incredibly effective communication medium can be used, or have questions regarding our service or your account, please contact us.

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